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Ms Keren Raiter

Keren is a PhD candidate interested in integrating ecological insights into policy and planning for improved decision making and conservation outcomes. She currently investigates mining-related disturbances in relatively intact landscapes with a focus on ‘enigmatic ecological impacts’: ecological impacts of development that are not systematically accounted for in impact evaluations, and that undermine the potential for successful impact mitigation. Keren’s work is aimed at informing improved decisions regarding planning, approving, managing and offsetting extensive developments in the Great Western Woodlands, and other intact landscapes elsewhere. Keren’s methods include spatial analysis, monitoring predator activity using motion-sensor cameras and spoor detection, and application of the landscape functional analysis assessment of ephemeral drainage lines.

Thesis title: Mitigating mining’s enigmatic ecological impacts in Australia’s Great Western Woodlands

This PhD project is supervised by Professor Richard Hobbs (UWA),Dr Suzanne Prober (CSIRO), Professor Hugh Possingham (UQ)Dr Leonie Valentine and Dr Kerrie Wilson (UQ), and is supported by the UWA Gledden Postgraduate Research Scholarship, the National Environmental Research Program Environmental Decisions Hub, the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions, and The Wilderness Society. It runs in association with the Terrestrial Environmental Research Network’s Great Western Woodlands Supersite, the Wilson Lab’s GondwanaLink project and the work of the Great Western Woodlands Collaboration.

Further reading: Raiter, KG, Possingham, HP, Prober, SM, Hobbs, RJ, 2014  ‘Under the radar: mitigating enigmatic ecological impacts’, Trends in Ecology and Evolution,

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