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Assoc Professor Don Driscoll

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My research interests are in fire ecology, habitat fragmentation, dispersal and connectivity. I continue to explore ways that ecological theory related to those fields can be used to predict effects and to communicate findings. Key NERP-related research includes projects examining dispersal and connectivity in fragmented landscapes, and fire decision theory.

With colleagues at ANU I am exploring the role of the matrix (modified, cleared or urbanized land) on species that depend on small patches of native vegetation (Project 2.2). We have developed a conceptual model of the matrix that will provide new-comers to the field with a rapid and comprehensive understanding of how the matrix works. The conceptual model and asso ...

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Dr Annabel Smith

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How does fire affect ecosystem dynamics in contemporary landscapes? What is the best way to manage fire for biodiversity? These questions are highly relevant to most Australian ecosystems where fire regimes have been altered and will continue to shift under our changing climate. My research seeks to understand how plants and animals respond to fire in landscapes that often face additional pressures such as habitat loss, fragmentation and logging.

I work on plants, reptiles and sometimes invertebrates along with an accomplished cast of colleagues including David Lindenmayer, Don Driscoll, Sam Banks, Philip Barton and Karen Ikin. My overarching aim is to increase our understanding of the effects of fire in modern ecosystems so that fire management decisions can be well informed and conserve biodiversity.

PositionPost Doctoral Researcher Fellow