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Dr Geoff Heard

Geoff is a Research Fellow in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group at the University of Melbourne, funded jointly by the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub and the Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions.  He will commence working on NERP Project 1.2 in May 2013.

Geoff's background is in field ecology, with focus on the threatened frogs and reptiles of south-eastern Australia. His current research aims to evaluate the application of decision science to real-world conservation problems, drawing on datasets he has gathered over the last decade. Decision science is revolutionizing applied ecology, but the application of this approach to on-ground conservation remains in its infancy. Over the next two years, Geoff will assess the application of decision science to problems including minimum survey effort for threatened fauna, and optimizing metapopulation viability for amphibians in rapidly urbanising landscapes.

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