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Dr Brett Murphy

I am a fire and vegetation ecologist at the University of Melbourne, with a particular fondness for tropical landscapes. My research focuses on the processes that have shaped and maintain tropical vegetation, especially the fire-mediated nexus between savannas and rainforests, and how fire can be best managed to maintain biodiversity.

My current research projects are:

  1. understanding how fire regimes affect small mammals in northern Australia's tropical savannas, and whether appropriate fire management can help slow their rapid decline;
  2. evaluating the generality of the widely accepted paradigm that 'pyrodiversity begets biodiversity';
  3. identifying optimal fire regimes for biodiversity in northern Australia's savannas, and tradeoffs with other fire management objectives (e.g. greenhouse gas abatement);
  4. understanding whether fire management can increase carbon storage in woody biomass in northern Australia's savannas, for the generation of carbon credits;
  5. using community-level approaches to predicting the distribution of biodiversity, based on limited presence-only data.


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Post Doctoral Research Fellow