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Professor David Pannell

My role in the Hub is to bring economics strongly into the research program. I lead the Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy at UWA, which has broad expertise and experience in applying economics to environmental problems. We specialise in approaches that integrate scientific, social and policy information within an economic framework to provide information that supports sound decision making about environmental issues. Our work encompasses both financial and intangible environmental outcomes of environmental changes, and risks as well as benefits.
I am directly involved in several projects in the NERP hub. Project 5.3 is attempting to develop a new approach to account for equity considerations when evaluating and prioritising environmental projects. Project 5.4 is asking, how can we improve the use of evidence in environmental policy decisions? In Project 5.5 I'm looking at the attitudes and beliefs of various stakeholders regarding biodiversity offsets. Project 5.7 is comparing the value for money from targeted, untargeted and landscape-scale approaches to biodiversity protection. That last project is also linked to Project 3.3a (The role of large scale connectivity projects in conserving biodiversity), and I have a supporting role in Project 4.1 (Trade-offs among social, economic and environmental values).

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Winthrop Professor/ARC Federation Fellow & Node Leader
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