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Prof. Mark Burgman

Mark Burgman is the Adrienne Clarke Chair of Botany and Director of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis (ACERA) at the University of Melbourne since it was founded in 2006. Mark's involvement with ACERA brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the 6 Environmental Decisions Hub projects he is involved in (see below). The aim of ACERA's establishment was, and remains, to develop the practice of risk analysis by creating and testing methods, protocols, analytical tools and procedures to benefit both Government and the broader Australian community. ACERA is a research network, drawing on the expertise of its other research partners throughout Australia and overseas. It maintains close working relationships with Australian Government Federal and State Departments, Australian and international universities, the CSIRO, Cooperative Research Centres, and many other research institutions to deliver high quality studies that aim to manage Australia's biosecurity risks.
Mark works on ecological modelling, conservation biology and risk assessment. His research has included models on a broad range of species including giant kelp, Orange-bellied Parrots, Leadbeater's possums, bandicoots, and Banksias in a range of settings including marine fisheries, forestry, irrigation, electrical power utilities, mining, and national park planning. He was the winner of the 2005 Eureka Prize for Biodiversity Research.
Mark is involved with the following research projects within the National Environment Research Program Environmental Decisions Hub:
i) Koala Listing Workshops and Expert Elicitation (project 1.7a)
ii) Operational definitions and measures of resilience in conservation (project 3.1)
iii) Building resilient (lasting) Biodiversity Assets (project 3.2)
iv) The role of large scale connectivity projects in conserving biodiversity under multiple threats including habitat loss and climate change (project 3.3a)
v) Horizon scanning (project 3.6) (Project Leader)
vi) National Reserve System (NRS) efficiency analysis, marine and terrestrial, including reserve acquisition versus improved management of existing reserves (project 3.7)


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