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Dr Eve McDonald-Madden

My research revolves around decision theory and decision science. While I am interested in all forms of environmental decision-making my recent work falls into two key areas – monitoring and adaptive management and the management of multiple interacting species (see below for more details). As a NERP researcher I am keen on infusing a structured and explicit approach to decision-making into environmental problems. NERP colleagues and I run workshops on structured decision-making, and I also facilitate the decision process for individual problems within SEWPAC. Email me to discuss getting assistance with a particular decisions problem, or you are interested in my work on monitoring, adaptive management or the management of multiple species and threats.

Monitoring and Adaptive management: I am interested in good decision-making when it comes to investment in monitoring. Indeed monitor is often considered an essential part of a conservation management program, for evaluation or adaptive management, however whether information gain is an effective use of resources is rarely well thought-out. I use approaches from economics and decision science to look at the effectiveness of monitoring decisions and try to build frameworks that enable good decision-making about if, when and how to invest in information gain. These questions are particularly pertinent given the large amount of uncertainty we have about how ecological systems function, how they respond to management, and how they will respond to impending threats such as climate change.

Multispecies management: Another key focus of my research is how we can manage multiple interacting species and threats. In essence how can we manage ecosystems to achieve system wide outcomes? This work is crucial, as current approaches to single species management in conservation ignore many of the important interactions between species we care about and the impact of allocation to some threats over others for all species in an ecosystem. Our novel work in this area will lead not only to improved ecosystem management but also improved understanding of how to decide who to manage, and what we need to know to manage ecosystems.

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