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The NERP Environmental Decisions Hub published over 372 scientific publications. You can browse titles and access links here.

Books (2):

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Lindenmayer DB,  S Cunningham, and A Young (2012) Land Use Intensification: Effects on Agriculture, Biodiversity, and Ecological Processes, CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne & CRC Press. United Kingdom. p:168 

Book chapters (11):

Ives C, R Beilin, A Gordon, D Kendal, AK Hahs and MJ McDonnell (2013) Local Assessment of Melbourne: The Biodiversity and Social-Ecological Dynamics of Melbourne, Australia. . In Elmqvist, T (ed) Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Challenges and Opportunities. Springer. pp385-407

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Reports (3):

McKinnon AD, A Williams, J Young, D Ceccarelli, P Dunstan, RJW Brewin, R Watson, R Brinkman, M Cappo, S Duggan, R Kelley, K Ridgway, D Lindsay, D Gledhill, T Hutton and AJ Richardson (2014) Tropical Marginal Seas: Priority Regions for Managing Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function. ANNUAL REVIEW OF MARINE SCIENCE 6:415-437

Murphy BP (2013)  An evaluation of fire management in the Stone Country of Kakadu National Park Report for Parks Australia. REPORT

Fernandes L,  A Green,  J Tanzer,  A White,  PM Alino,  J Jompa,  P Lokani,  A Soemodinoto,  M Knight,  B Pomeroy,  HP Possingham, and B Pressey (2012) Biophysical principles for designing resilient networks of marine protected areas to integrate fisheries, biodiversity and climate change objectives in the Coral Triangle. Report prepared by The Nature Conservancy for the Coral Triangle Support Partnership, 152pp

Journal articles (356):

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