Dr Brendan Wintle

Wintle is Associate Professor of Conservation Ecology and ARC Future Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Deputy Director of the National Environment Research Program Hub Environmental Decisions, and theme leader in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Environmental Decisions.
He specializes in uncertainty and environmental decision making and publishes on technical and policy issues around conservation and natural resource management, including optimal conservation investment, optimal monitoring and adaptive management, systematic conservation planning, population viability analysis, habitat modelling and mapping, and decision theory.
Wintle works at the interface between policy and science, serving on the Forest Stewardship Council and Australian Forestry Standard reference committees, the Australian Government's Regional Sustainability Planning Advisory Committee, the AG's Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Improvement (MERI) advisory group, and the 'Save the Tasmanian Devil' Scientific Advisory Group.
Wintle has a PhD in ecological modelling from the University of Melbourne (2004). He is a member of 2 international journal editorial boards: Journal of Applied Ecology and Diversity and Distributions.

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